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September 7th, 2008 - 2:34am - Status Update for September
You Dumbass!
Regarding the Hiatus
So, I'm sorry guys for the pretty much unannounced two-year hiatus! o_x If you want to hear an interesting story about the release of Tafel Anatomie, me having been deathly ill, and the irony of "Phantom pain", then hit me up. Ahah.

I should be posting some new translations soon here at d_info! As mentioned, I've been recovering from a freak illness/injury/prophetic symbolism(?) recently, so there hasn't been much time for translation. Thankfully, there were a bunch of lyrics and interviews I had started back in `06 that were left in various states of completeness, so at least I have something to work from.

I do have other responsibilities now, but I promise will try to find time to finish some more translations!

Requests & Affiliations
Anyway, needless to say, Requests will be closed for a while. I do have a rather large list of items I'm working on right now, so it's just not practical for me to be accepting requests. If it's just a paragraph or so though, I will consider it, depending on how important it would be for the community.

And I am now starting to accept affiliation requests! Please stop by the Affiliation Page for more info and to apply.

Just a note - I am not looking for people to maintain D Info with me. This is a place where I post my own translations (and a select few others that I can't seem to figure out who authored), so needless to say this is a personal venture and I am not in need of another translator. Thank you!

Now that announcements are out of the way, here is what's new:
What is to come very shortly:
  • LYRICS: Phantom pain
  • LYRICS: Shuushuuka (The Collector)
Works in Progress
What you can look forward to seeing posted to D Info over the next few months!Collapse )
You Dumbass!
D posted most of the info on their site beforehand, so I was able to do some of it earlier than before.
However, a lot of information had changed when the ticket arrived so I had to revise it.
The old deadline was the 16th so I took my time... but it has been changed to the 12th, so hurry and get your entries in!

Here you go - details about the application privileges for D's new single, "Yami no Kuni no Alice / Hamon"!
(Translator's notes are in parentheses.)


Feel free to repost elsewhere, but PLEASE give me credit for translating (Laura @ d_info).

Alternatively, instead of reposting, you can simply post a link to this page or to the D Info main page:

D Info: "Yami no Kuni no ALICE / Hamon" Application Privilege

D Info

EDIT: I've received some questions about application privileges:

Q: What are application privileges?Collapse )

Q: Do I need a Japanese address to enter?Collapse )

Q: What does the application ticket look like, so I know what I'm looking for?Collapse )
October 16th, 2006 - 3:06pm - LYRICS: Pride
You Dumbass!
PrideCollapse )