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DIARY: ASAGI - 2006/09/18 
October 16th, 2006 - 4:28pm
You Dumbass!
ASAGI - 2006/09/18

To finish a story from a little while ago, I made an appointment with the optometrist after the recent tour.
When I got my eyesight measured, somehow both eyes had become 0.3...
I don't get my eyesight checked often, so I thought it had become 1.0 of its own will. Somehow it was different from what I thought.
...That being the case, I got glasses in this new degree.
So after that, in case you did not pay attention to the dates, I wasn't able to update (laugh).

And now I'll mention... the album that D will release in October called "Tafel Anatomie" is in production.
As of now, every day continues to be an all-night vigil (laugh). To the band and everyone else involved, good luck and keep going!
Today, I finally made sure to use a little free time to write in this diary.
This time we're certainly finishing the album on an incredibly good note, so please enjoy it!
Also, my solo CD and fragrance "Corvinus" are being released!
I've used a lot of bath fragrances and room sprays beforehand.
The photograph is of part of my personal perfume collection.
I keep the ones I receive as presents and the ones I purchase for myself in this cabinet.
I've used "ETERNITY for men" by CK for a long time, with care regarding season and feeling.

When "Corvinus eau de toilette" was being created, the consideration of my image was the most important thing.
The theme was to reveal the sky and wings, putting forth a refreshing feeling, to pull from a deep place the strength to fly high in the air.
The hopes we embrace inside the dark clouds that form, not forgetting the appropriate spiciness. (TN: It's true!)
After painting a mental image of a sky of imagination, a little bit of time's sweet feeling is revealed.
Those things had to be combined with exquisite balance.
The color I'd decided to compare it with from the beginning was "blue grey".

After that, a representative from the company that produced it and I arranged it repetitively and ended up making a lot of samples.
Furthermore, after being sent a careful selection, it was up to me to choose the fragrance, density, and color from amongst these that would be suitable as "Corvinus". Then I finally came to a decision!

Finally it's done! As it will take a while to be produced and delivered, please wait a short while!