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English Information About D
LYRICS: ASAGI - Unknown 
October 16th, 2006 - 3:55pm
You Dumbass!
ASAGI - Unknown
Words & Music: ASAGI
Translation: Laura (d_info)

The song itself is about a pre-historic species of fish that was thought to have been long extinct, and simply disappeared from the fossil record. Then one was found in 1935, puzzling scientists everywhere. They say that this species has been living in places that are not the proper environment for preserving fossils. So while translating this, I had a feeling we would see some philosophical references in here... seeing as Christianity seems to be a popular topic with Asagi, and seeing that the story of this species may have caused some doubt in the stability of scientific theories like the fossil record. Lo and behold, he went where I thought he would. ;)

rensa no mizu to majiwaru ishiki wa taiko no nemuri made mo yomigaeraseru
The consciousness in those connected waters is resurrected from an ancient sleep
"Latimeria menadoensis"

hikari no sasanu yamizoko de nani wo omou? omoi kuchi buri de
"ariki yue ni, ware koko ni ari"
At the dark bottom where light doesn't reach, what is being thought? In a serious way
"I am alive, therefore I live here"

GENOMU ni shirusareta shinpi no raretsu
tooku hanareta douhou to wakachiau yorokobi
The long list of mysteries written in a genome
The joy of sharing with long-lost brothers

toki ni shite yoki mo senu ma ni teihen – teisetsu sae mo kutsugaesareru
"sonatara wa shiru yoshi mo nai"
Time goes on, in the deep waters where no one expected – overturning even an established theory
"And you all don't have a reason why"

mada minu isekai no mon wo tatakeba
ware izanawan     shinkai no hikyou e to
If we were to hit the gate to a strange world never seen before
I invite you     To the unexplored depths of the ocean

hiru mo naku yoru mo naku kokochi yoi seijaku dake
zen mo naku aku mo naku tsukurareta toki no mama ni
Without day, without night, there's just a calm, silent feeling
Without good, without evil, as at the time of creation

shika to miyo mu ni shite yuu naru inochi wo
nani ga dou mieyou? moumoku na manoko de
The life you've seen is given into the hands of nothingness
How will you be able to see anything through blind eyes?

tsugi no yo ni arata naru sei wo nokosaneba naranu
mitodokete wa kurenu ka? kurikaesareru kotowari wo
negawakuba ware no shi ga setsuri ni junjiru you ni
hitoshirezu tadayotte toki ga sugiru no wo tada matsu
If in the next world, I am not reborn to a second life
Am I not allowed to see it for myself? The repeating logic
If I could choose for my death to be in the guidance of God
I wait for the time spent drifting about in secret to pass

subete no michi wa sugu soba ni
The unknown is so easily right next to us

October 14th, 2007 - 5:31am (UTC) - :D
Funny how it's about fish - when you google image 'Asagi' you get fish.
It's some kind of species or something.