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English Information About D
DIARY: ASAGI - 2006/10/07 
October 16th, 2006 - 4:34pm
You Dumbass!
ASAGI - 2006/10/07

It has become October. The autumn rain continues, in this season when trees and plants are colored in an autumn palette. I really like it.
Speaking of which, the harvest moon happens on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar, so this year it fell on October 6th, didn't it? I thought it would be nice to see it this year... unfortunately, I haven't been paying much attention to the weather.

After a safe finish to recording, we are now just waiting for [the new album] to be perfected. Unusually, I had a few days off in the beginning of October.
That being the case, I decided on going shopping aimlessly in Daikanyama, and leisurely drank some wine over the course of my outing. I had mentioned my trouble sleeping in one of my columns recently, and I received some letters with your methods of curing it. So using those as a guide, I decided to do some experimenting.
Thanks to this, I have expanded my tastes a little! Thank you. In one amongst these there was "brandy in hot milk". But seeing as I only had Godiva liqueur instead of brandy, I tried it that way. It was rather good.
It goes without mention to what extent I've been drinking alcohol recently. It's been a good-spirited reaffirmation of a sort (laughs).
As for wine, I like red, rose, then white. I especially like sparkling wine (champagne and the like). I have always enjoyed wines with a mellowing fragrance, and not drinking it in large amounts. Half a glass is a satisfying, to me. One, maybe two small pieces of a delicious cheese is sufficient to go along with it.

And what should I do in the rain today but go out to see my cat, who has been hospitalized since yesterday.
At the time of encountering Donna he seemed a perfectly handsome cat, not seeming of his age. In addition, it has been nearly 10 years since our first encounter, and they have been lovely years.
It was exactly autumn when I met him. At that time I did not have Chimi... so between my absences, Mie was probably lonely all alone in the house, when she could have a friend, I had thought.
It was at that time that I had a chance meeting with Donna along the street.
At the time, I hadn't known that he would be the animal to fulfill that need. For several years I actually believed that he was most certainly female, from his figure and behavior (laughs). Later at the hospital, I was surprised when they informed me that he was male.
As for the chance of him being a house cat, he was very thin, his fur was dirty, and had no collar. He was certainly a street cat... I thought, but, perhaps... perhaps? Or perhaps not... ah.
His voice had an endearing soft high tone, and he had a gentle character. That cat truly has a personality. If I were to try taking in another child¹, there wouldn't ever be one with that same face or personality.
Until now he hasn't been sick, but now he has become very ill with urethral calcus.
I worried that there might chance he could lose his life... but partly due to the fact that I got him to the hospital early enough, somehow he has safely returned home!
The Master, having three animals to care for, felt confident at that point in time!
But this story is not just about a cat, but also of fads and the growth process... about not thinking of the lifespan of a pet as that of a short-lived toy. The number of people who abuse or abandon animals is on the rise.
Do such people not understand that abandoning a pet may lead to its death? Or do they release them even while understanding this?
I feel that animals are our joy and sorrow. Chimi is still young, and Mie and Donna are both in good health, but I know someday I will have to part with them. Until the last day comes, until each of those precious small lives run out, I would like to be by their side.

Ah! So, at last the date for arrival of the "Corvinus" perfume has been decided! So many orders were made. I'm sorry for not being able to easily get it into the hands of the people who ordered it, as well as for the long wait.
To the people that it cannot be delivered to at this time because of the limitation, it is expected to be ready sometime in October, so please wait a short time.
Oh, have you read the newest issue of Mad Tea Party Magazine yet? My novel, "The Crown of Roses" will be published in it as a series... And because it has a misprint, I will borrow some space here to make a correction.
Page 68, level 1, line 30. "Isn't it probably in order to stop staring at things you don't want to see?" became "Isn't it probably in order to stop grilling to death the things you don't want to see?". Grilling to death... yeah (laughs).
Laying aside the fact that I shouldn't have been unaware of the of proofreading process, it was a regrettable mistake, and I laughed a little. I will check with dedication from now on.

Lastly. Already, the Mad Tea Party in August marked the end of that series of lives. And the release of the new album, "Tafel Anatomie", draws closer. In addition, the nationwide oneman tour of surging waves² and in-store events are also beginning. Also, our motivation as D is just right.
To the heaven-sent children of the rose from all parts of the country, may your spirit be trembling in expectation!!!

¹ – Probably obvious, but he calls his cats his "children".
² – Seems to be a way of saying something akin to "super badass" in Japanese?






最後に。もうすぐ8月末のMTP以来1ヶ月半ぶりのライヴですね。そして約1年ぶりのNew Album「Tafel Anatomie」の発売もまもなくです。それに加えて怒濤の全国ワンマンツアー、インストアイベントも始まりますね。僕たちDのやる気も充分です。
January 21st, 2007 - 6:09pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for translating this all diarys entries ^___^