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English Information About D
INFO: Application Privileges for "Yami no Kuni no ALICE / Hamon" 
September 7th, 2008 - 2:32am
You Dumbass!
D posted most of the info on their site beforehand, so I was able to do some of it earlier than before.
However, a lot of information had changed when the ticket arrived so I had to revise it.
The old deadline was the 16th so I took my time... but it has been changed to the 12th, so hurry and get your entries in!

Here you go - details about the application privileges for D's new single, "Yami no Kuni no Alice / Hamon"!
(Translator's notes are in parentheses.)

Application Privileges

METHOD 1 - Application in the case that all 3 types are purchased:
The people who have purchased all 3 titles (A-TYPE + B-TYPE + C-TYPE) can receive a privilege of a hand-signed sticker!

※The sticker will only be signed by one member.
※You won't be able to choose the member who will sign it.
※Everyone who applies in this method will receive the privilege.

METHOD 2 - Application in the case that only 1 title is purchased:
Course A: Deluxe Panel - 10 Winners (I believe they mean a type of wall-hanging made of cardboard)
Course B: Original Goods - 100 Winners
Course C: Original Cell Phone Screen Saver - 500 Winners

※This is a lottery-style method; not everyone will receive these privileges.
※The pattern of Courses B and C privileges will differ from the BIRTH subscription privileges.
※Only people who write their email addresses clearly will be eligible to receive the Course C privilege.
※(In case you're confused - you do NOT have to choose the corresponding Course for which type you purchased; basically, you don't have to choose Course B if you bought Type B of the single. You can choose any Course you want.)

How to Enter

Cut off the top corner (the one that's marked) of the application ticket from inside the case of the above items. Affix it to a (Japanese) standard-size postcard along with the necessary information, and send it in.

※(I'm 99% sure that a standard American postcard will be okay. Just get one as close to 3.94" x 5.83" [10cm x 14.8cm] as possible. I think a 4"x6" will do.)
※Please include:
● Full name and mailing address
● Method of application (1 or 2)
● If using Method 2, include which Course (A, B, or C)
● If using Method 2 - Course C, please include the email address (cell phone email, if you have one) that you want the privilege sent to

Legalities (PLEASE READ)

※The deadline for entry is September 12th. Entries must be postmarked by that date to qualify.
※We cannot process applications for both privileges 1 and 2 simultaneously on one application form. (Therefore, if you use all three tickets to enter using Method 1, you can't also use one of them to enter Method 2.)
※Announcement of the winners will be substituted by the sending of the prizes. (Basically: they won't notify you if you win, they'll just send the prize.)
※We would like to respond to inquiries related to the lottery results, but it's not possble.
※Our company will accept this information with intent to only use it for the sending of privileges.

Mailing Address (only for entries)

Avex Marketing Kabushiki Kaisha
Artist Marketing Honbu  Dai 1-bu 4-ka  D 「Yami no Kuni no ALICE / Hamon」 Kakari
Tatemono Biru 4F, Ootemachi 3-1-31
Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
107-0062 JAPAN

Feel free to repost elsewhere, but PLEASE give me credit for translating (Laura @ d_info).

Alternatively, instead of reposting, you can simply post a link to this page or to the D Info main page:

D Info: "Yami no Kuni no ALICE / Hamon" Application Privilege

D Info

EDIT: I've received some questions about application privileges:

Q: What are application privileges?

A: D has had a promotional thing going on for BIRTH and now for ALICE, where you can win a special prize for buying one or all of the versions of the single. You'll receive a ticket inside the CD case, then follow the instructions here and you could win!

Q: Do I need a Japanese address to enter?

A: It's not stated on the ticket or the website whether you need a Japanese address to apply for a privilege. But, I'm going on the basis that you can use a foreign one, since it's not like you have to pay them any more money than a postage stamp for it, so you wouldn't endure a loss or anything. ;)

Q: What does the application ticket look like, so I know what I'm looking for?

A: You should find something like this inside the CD case:


September 7th, 2008 - 5:25pm (UTC)
Ohhh, I see, thank you!

I was planning on buying one of them, and this is all the more reason to :D But I just read that the deadline is the 12th, and there's no way it can be delivered by that time. Crummy, but they'll probably do it again. At least I'll know what I'm doing! lol